Wednesday, September 9, 2009

rain and rosemary

"What was the weather like today?" I asked Larry during our journal session.
"Raining, I guess," he answered. It was pretty accurate. During class we had showers which turned to down pour to almost clear sky and then through the whole cycle again. Most of us chose to stay dry in the greenhouse...

Nick stood out in the rain the entire time. And liked it.

Lila has taken the class for many years and her favorite activity is making herbal infused vinegars in the fall. For years we have had an enormous rosemary bush at the garden. This past winter it did not survive the harsh conditions. Lila transplanted a new plant in the spring to make certain we could do the vinegar. She asked about the vinegar and checked on "her" plant all season. Today she was delighted to start the process.

Julie fills a jar with rosemary.

Larry and Keri help fill jars for those who missed class today.

Bobby concentrates to get every needle in the jar.

Then we added sage which will turn it pinkish purple and topped the jars with vinegar. We wrapped saran wrap around the tops (metal lids will corrode from the acidity of the vinegar) and we will let it steep for several weeks.

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