Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hot hot hot

I forgot to bring the camera up to class today. We would have seen some sweaty photographs of wilting gardeners. Nick cooled himself off by thoroughly and repeatedly showering with the hose. It might have been too hot for us,but the plants are loving it. We picked three good sized zucchini, loads of green beans and a bunch of peas.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nick documents the garden

Nick really took to the digital camera this week and went around by himself capturing the afternoon.

a self portrait of this week's class photographer

Keri finishing up the watering

Libby pouring iced tea



After a week we described as "too hot" the garlic was ready to pull. This is a much anticipated favorite activity every summer.

Reina works it out of the soil with a hand fork.

Lila uses her muscles to yank the garlic out bare handed.

Mary shows off a nice head of garlic with lots of roots.

Carrie keeps her cool when pulling the garlic.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We have been painting fish windsocks for two weeks. (Nick even painted the rock that was holding down his fabric)

Dion shows off our first tender harvest of nine green beans.
Julie took this photo of the tomato plant she watered with stinky horsetail tea to help the tomato cells grow strong.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Every week at the end of class we sit together and drink mint tea and write a group journal. We note what kinds of jobs we did and try to remember the names of the seeds and plants we worked with. We also talk about the weather (very important to gardeners)and any other natural happenings up at our spot. I got the idea to create an on-line journal to help participants better share their garden experience with their family, friends and loving support staff. Perhaps someone else who is gardening with folks of all abilities will see our site and get ideas to help them be successful in adapting to the needs of the garden and the gardeners.
I will try to add something to this blog every week. But please be patient if it takes a while before we all get in the rhythmn of sharing in this new way.